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Expert Advice on Kids/Babies Sunscreen in Popsugar

Popsugar UK delivers its summer roundup of the best ways to protect young skin from the sun’s harmful rays in: “The Best Sunscreens For Kids and Babies, According to Dermatologists” As the article explains, sunscreen is essential for children, as their skin is more sensitive. Even though summer holidays may be looking uncertain, the time […]

Coronavirus COVID19 – Temporary Closure

Due to the COVID outbreak and in line with the governmental guidelines, Cosmedics Skin Clinics are now closed temporarily for face to face treatments and consultations. However, our call centre remains open and is operating within safe guidelines for staff. Worried about a skin lesion? Any clients who are concerned about worrying skin lesions or […]

Coronavirus COVID19 – We Are Open

Coronavirus COVID19 Information The London Mole Removal Centre and Cosmedics Skin Clinics remain fully open at this point in time. As a doctor-led company, we are doing all we can to keep staff and clients safe with high standards of hygiene in clinic. Antibacterial handwash/gels are widely available to clients and staff to use on a […]

Independent: Skin Cancer Expert Dr Ross Perry

The Independent looked at 6 common forms of cancer for women, with advice from leading experts in the field. Dr Ross Perry, Founder and Medical Director of the London Mole Removal Centre led on skin cancer.  The article was published on World Cancer Day to raise awareness of the disease which is a leading cause […]

Skin Checks – The New Year Resolution You Must Not Skip

2 weeks into January and it’s time to check in on those New Year Resolutions. This year has seen many trying ‘Dry January’ or ‘Veganuary’ in an attempt to find a healthier lifestyle. Gyms are seeing signups peak and the shops are full of health, fitness and diet products. But New Year’s resolutions don’t all […]

Why You Should Never Ignore an ‘Odd’ Blemish

The topography of your skin is always changing. Every now and then when you look down at yourself in the shower you may notice a small mark, speck or freckle that you could swear wasn’t there when last you looked. When this happens, people tend to react in one of two ways. They can jump […]

Mole Removal – Will I Need Stitches?

Many patients are concerned about whether having a mole removed will mean having to have  stitches.  The answer is – not necessarily! Whether or not you’ll have stitches will depend on the mole itself, including consideration of: Size of mole Whether it is raised or flat Whether it is purely cosmetic or of any medical […]

10 Common Places Warts Can Appear

Warts can appear anywhere on the face and body. They’re annoyingly persistent and can very easily spread to other areas – or be passed onto other people.   The contagious nature of warts means that they tend to appear more where the skin is exposed and/or regularly touched or rubbed. Common Places For Warts Some of […]

Costs of Mole Removal Treatment

If you’re thinking about having a mole removed, then the price of treatment is one of the first questions that will come to mind.  Cosmedics’ London mole removal centre publishes a price list to give a guide as to what to expect. Having treatment at a private skin clinic might sound expensive, but it can […]

Wart/Verruca Turned Out To Be Melanoma

Rachel Solvasen’s has shared her story of what she thought was a verruca or wart or glass stuck in her foot which turned out to be melanoma.  She tried over the counter creams but the blemish continued to grow. When her GP referred her for a biopsy, she found that what she thought was a […]