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Wart/Verruca Turned Out To Be Melanoma

Rachel Solvasen’s has shared her story of what she thought was a verruca or wart or glass stuck in her foot which turned out to be melanoma.  She tried over the counter creams but the blemish continued to grow. When her GP referred her for a biopsy, she found that what she thought was a […]

The Sun: Expert Advice on Cutaneous Horns

Dr Ross Perry was asked by The Sun to provide his expert medical advice on the issue of cutaneous horns, a condition which, if left untreated, can create extreme and disfiguring skin growths.  The feature started with a dramatic headline: Stomach-churning pics reveal agony of people blighted by ‘cutaneous horns’ – and how something as […]

Dr Ross Perry Mole Expert Interview

Dazed Beauty interviewed mole removal expert, Dr Ross Perry, to find out more about a career path which has seen him removing thousands of moles. Dr Ross Perry worked in the NHS for years before establishing his own private skin treatment clinic practice alongside GP commitments. He has also worked in skin cancer reconstruction and […]

That’s Life: How To Detect A Worrying Mole

That’s Life magazine’s health page shared Dr Ross Perry’s expert advice on how to spot a worrying mole.   The feature explained that a ‘normal’ mole tends to have certain features: EDGES – nice, round and even SHAPE – round or oval COLOUR – even tone and hue By contrast, a worrying mole may display any […]

Why You Need Sunscreen On Cloudy Autumn Days

The experts often insist that you need sunscreen year round, including autumn and winter as well as summer.  But if the sky is cloudy and your skin doesn’t burn, it can be hard to understand why you might actually need sunscreen. The reason is that the sun emits two types of rays that can damage […]

NetDoctor: Skin Tag Causes & Removal

NetDoctor’s article on “Skin tag removal, causes and treatment tips” was provided by leading skin lesion expert, Dr Ross Perry, Founder and Medical Director of the London Mole Removal Centre.  Ross provides key information on the issue of skin tags, which bother a great many people. What are skin tags? Dr Ross Perry explains: “Skin […]

Glamour: SPF 100 Sunscreen

Glamour looked into the trend for very high factor sunscreen of SPF100 with expert advice from Dr Ross Perry on whether it is worth going for a higher factor protection. The feature headlined: Celebrities and A-list skincare experts swear you should be using SPF 100 for the best skin You’ll be slathering it on in […]

Raconteur in The Times: Skin Cancer Myths

Raconteur in The Times debunked 7 myths about skin cancer with expert advice from Dr Ross Perry on the fact and fiction of sun exposure. The feature opened: “With something as life-threatening as skin cancer, widespread misconceptions and knowledge gaps must be quashed to keep people safe in the sun” Myth 1 – “Skin Cancer […]

The Telegraph: Sunscreen Truths & Expert Advice

The Telegraph looked into sunscreen with expert advice from Dr Ross Perry on how to protect the skin from sun exposure. The feature was titled: Everything you need to know about sunscreen (including the truth about SPF 100) Choosing Sunscreen Dr Ross Perry told Telegraph readers that there is no need to spend a fortune […]

Woman & Home: Protect Your Peepers

The latest issue of Woman & Home magazine highlights the need to protect the delicate eye area from the sun after research found that failing to apply SPF properly could increase the risk of skin cancer.  The feature included advice from Dr Ross Perry on skin cancer and moles in an article entitled: “If you […]