Cherry Angioma – DIY Treatments To Avoid!

DIY treatments for Cherry Angioma or Campbell de Morgan spots are best avoided as they are likely to be ineffective and could cause long-term problems.

What are Cherry Angioma?

Cherry Angioma are bright red spots which can appear anywhere on the body but are commonly found on the torso and women seem more susceptible to them than men.

They are also known as Campbell de Morgan spots and described simply as bright red spots that don’t go away.

The very bright colour is due to there being a cluster of capillaries or tiny blood vessels. They are considered medically harmless and therefore a ‘cosmetic issue’.

DIY Treatments ‘At Home’ – Best Avoided!

A quick search for Cherry Angioma cures ‘at home’, ‘myself’ or ‘DIY’ gives a few suggestions.  One idea is to apply neat apple cider vinegar to the Campbell de Morgan spot for half an hour a day. Tea tree oil is also suggested. Another solution involves applying a hot pinhead to the spot.

However, doctors would generally warn against such ideas as

  1. There is a risk of detrimental damage to the skin
  2. It could also cause infection and/or leave an unnecessary amount of scarring, which can be uncomfortable as well as unsightly
  3. DIY removal of Cherry Angioma could cause a surprising amount of bleeding due to the blood vessels within the lesion
  4. A proper medical diagnosis is best in case the problem is actually not cherry angioma but something else more worrying
  5. Some DIY treatments are unlikely to be effective anyway

Cherry Angioma Diagnosis

Cherry Angioma are harmless, but if the lesion is itchy, bleeding or changes, then those are signs of something more serious (i.e. skin cancer) which would require urgent medical attention.

If there is any doubt about the diagnosis, it is best to see a doctor.

Cherry Angioma Treatment/Removal

If the diagnosis is that the red spots are Campbell de Morgan Spots, then they can be removed quickly by doctors or clinics specialising in skin lesion removal, such as Cosmedics’ London Mole Removal Centre.

There are a few options for treatment of Cherry Angioma:

  • Microcautery/laser treatment – using a tiny handheld probe
  • Cryotherapy – intense freezing treatment which uses liquid nitrogen
  • Surgery – the lesion can be planed away using a special blade

Having professional treatment by a trained medical professional is highly advisable instead of trying DIY techniques at home. You will be treated in a medical environment by a doctor or surgeon, who will ensure that the procedure is safe. They will also ensure that you are comfortable as most procedures use a small amount of local anaesthetic to numb the area.

Doctors and surgeons at Cosmedics’ London Mole Removal Centre work with minimal scarring techniques and provide full aftercare advice to ensure good healing.

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