Cyst Removal – Pimple Popper Style Video

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Sebaceous Cyst Removal

While Dr Pimple Popper is fascinating millions with her videos of skin blemish removal, Dr Ross Perry, founder of Cosmedics Skin Clinics and the London Mole Removal Centre, has also shared a number of videos of skin surgery procedures, including one of a sebaceous cyst removal. 

The patient explained that a cyst on his back was bothering him, having become bigger and more obtrusive.

Dr Ross Perry explained that using the latest methods, a very tiny incision would be made, through which the cyst would be squeezed out. The objective is to remove not only the cyst, but also the sac, thereby minimising the chances of the problem returning again.

The patient said:

“I found that very quick and painless… it’s the fastest I’ve ever had it done because of the new technique and it’s extremely small compared to all the other ones I’ve had.”

2 weeks later and the photo shows excellent healing. The patient continued:

“Minimal irritation or disruption I’ve had… very low profile – very happy!”


Cysts are very common rounded lumps which form under the skin. They can be soft and fluid or harder and semi-solid and can often be manipulated or moved around a bit.

Cysts are not generally classed as a medical concern, but for many patients, the main problem is the appearance and the protrusion. That’s why many patients do seek treatment in the form of cyst removal. This is less common now on the NHS, but private companies like Cosmedics Skin Clinics offer a service with treatment often being available at the same appointment as the consultation, saving the need for a revisit.

Surgery including removal of the sac is the best way to minimise the risk of it recurring again. It is far more effective than draining the cyst, which leaves the sac in place.

Cyst Removal London & Bristol

The team at London Mole Removal Centre are highly trained and experienced in removal of unwanted cysts (and sebaceous cysts). Find out more in our Cyst Removal FAQ.

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