Fake Tan Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency


Fake tan has been promoted as the sensible and safe way to get the tanned look, but Dr Ross Perry told Yahoo UK that it is linked to lower vitamin D production.

Dr Perry explained the issue to Yahoo:

“Research suggests that 85% of people may be vitamin D deficient and fake tan has been found to inhibit your skin’s ability to produce vitamin D.

“This is because the dark layer on your skin produced by the DHA results in the prevention of UVB absorption, thereby inhibiting vitamin D production.”

Vitamin D is vital for bone, brain development, muscles and immunity. Some of the symptoms of deficiency include weight gain, tiredness, achy bones, depression.

As an alternative, there are DHA-free fake tanning products which wash off and low-DHA options too.

However, unprotected sun exposure is never to be advised, due to the risk of skin cancer.

Vitamin D can also be found in certain foods and also is a very common and well-tolerated supplement.

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