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The number of moles you have on your skin might mean a higher risk of melanoma, so if you have lots of moles, it is worth understanding how that may link to potential skin cancer. 

Having ‘lots of moles’ is defined as having more than 50 small moles (under 5mm diameter) OR 5 or more large moles (over 5mm diameter – almost 1/4 inch).

A higher number of normal moles increases the risk of experiencing melanoma compared to the general population with UNDER 50 moles.

  • 51-100 moles = 3.7 times the risk of developing melanoma.
  • Over 100 moles = 7.6 times the risk of developing melanoma

The reason for this increased risk is that melanoma often arises in existing moles, so having more moles increases the risk.

It certainly does not mean that you will definitely get melanoma – many people with larger numbers of moles do not get the disease – but an increased risk means that it is all the more important to take precautions against sun exposure and also to be vigilant for any worrying or suspicious moles that look ‘abnormal’.

Check for Melanoma

Regular skin checks are especially important for those with a lot of moles. Spotting any changes or unusual lesions means that you can see the GP as soon as possible to get it checked out and seen to if necessary.

Worrying Moles

The worrying warning signs to look for are:

  • Asymmetry – unequal shape or lopsided appearance
  • Border – uneven or jagged edges
  • Colour – patchy or unusual tones
  • Diameter – unusually large size
  • Evolving – noticeable changes including appearance (size/shape/colour) or behaviour (itchiness/discharge/bleeding/scabbing/oozing)

Melanomas caught at the earliest stage can be treated with mole removal surgery. Early intervention has excellent outcomes and in many cases no further treatment is required. However, as melanoma progresses and spreads, the chances of a positive outcome decline.

The good news is that most worrying moles are likely to be harmless, but it is so important to get it checked out as soon as possible to be on the safe side.

Private Mole Checks & Removal

The London Mole Removal Centre is a private company, offering mole checks and treatment for unwanted moles and other skin lesions (e.g. cysts, skin tags, warts, verruca, lipoma, xanthelasma) at 5 mole removal clinics.

All consultations and treatments are carried out in person by doctors who are specially trained in the latest laser and skin surgery techniques and are highly experienced in the field.

Where the mole is not considered medically a risk, then the NHS will usually deny mole removal on the basis that it is just ‘cosmetic’, so treatment in the private sector is the best approach.

Further advantages of private treatment at the London Mole Removal Centre include:

  • No waiting lists
  • Moles can often be removed in the same appointment as the consultation
  • Choice of clinics in London and also Bristol
  • Removed moles tested with report provided

For more information or to book a consultation, please complete the form on this web page or call 020 7731 3791.

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