Men’s Health: Melanoma Skin Cancer Early Signs

mens health

with Dr Ross Perry

Founder London Mole Removal Centre & Cosmedics Skin Clinics

Men’s Health looked at the early signs of skin cancer melanoma, after new research showed that 89% of men never wear sun cream in the UK and 10% never wear it at all. 

Not wearing sunscreen exposes the skin to the full force of the sun’s UV rays, which are known to be a primary cause of melanoma (skin cancer).

The feature explained what melanoma is:

  • Melanocytes produce melanin within the skin – the pigment which creates suntan and moles
  • Melanoma is a form of skin cancer caused by DNA damage to the melanocytes, which causes pigment cells become malignant and grow at an abnormally fast rate

Dr Ross Perry provided expert advice on how to identify melanoma. He said the most important thing was to check for changes in your skin to spot them as early as possible:

“The most common sign is an ‘odd’ mole which looks or behaves differently to normal

“It could have unusual coloration, shape or appearance. In terms of behaviour, it may be itchy, crusty, bleeding or oozing. Not all symptoms will be present. The key is to look out for something that looks suspicious and get it checked ASAP.”

Melanoma Facts

The Men’s Health article featured some sobering facts from a variety of skin experts, which underline the importance of sun protection and regular skin checks:

  • Damage caused by UV rays can sometimes take up to 20 years to appear
  • Earlier diagnosis gives the best chances of a good outcome
  • Thin melanoma (under 0.75mm thick) has a 95% chance of survival
  • A thicker melanoma (over 4mm) has 25% chance of survival
  • Getting sunburn just once every 2 years trebles the risk of melanoma
  • Pink skin in the sun is a sign of skin damage
  • Using a sunbed once before the age of 35 increases the chance of skin cancer by 75%

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