New Harley Street Mole Removal Clinic Now Open

The London Mole Removal Centre is now operating in new premises…
January 15, 2018/by admin

Mirror.co.uk: Risks of Skin Cancer in Winter

The Mirror online edition (mirror.co.uk), looks into the often…
January 2, 2018/by admin

Christmas & New Year Opening Hours 2017-8

Opening Hours
Before Christmas

Monday 18th December –…
December 18, 2017/by admin

SPF? UVA? UVB? Sunscreen Terminology Confusing

Survey Results
A survey published in the Journal of the American…
December 4, 2017/by admin

Melanoma Skin Cancer Detection Device Wins Award

James Dyson Award
A device designed to spot melanoma skin cancer…
November 20, 2017/by admin

New Medicine Licensed for mMCC Skin Cancer

Bavencio for metastatic Merkel Cell Carcinoma
Merck and Pfizer
Bavencio is…
November 7, 2017/by admin

Yahoo Style: Winter Sun Cream Advice

SPF cream during the winter:
Should we be wearing it?
An article on…
October 16, 2017/by admin

The Sun: DIY Mole Removal Infection Reveals Tumour

An article in The Sun tells how Faye Ryder’s DIY mole removal…
October 9, 2017/by admin
melanoma before surgery

Self-Examination Key to Melanoma

Nearly 75% Melanomas Detected by Patients or Non-Medics
September 18, 2017/by admin
mole check

71% Melanomas are NOT Existing Moles

A new study has shown that the majority of melanoma cases are…
September 4, 2017/by admin

Mole Removal Prices UK

One of the most commonly asked questions for people researching…
August 22, 2017/by admin
Verruca plantar warts

How to Avoid and Treat Verrucas

Verrucas are simply warts that appear on the feet.  
As with…
August 7, 2017/by admin
Melanoma superficial spreading

Melanoma UK Criticises Boots Mole Checks

Warnings from Melanoma UK
Melanoma UK, a charity dedicated to…
July 24, 2017/by admin
mole removal nhs

Mole Removal on the NHS

Many patients are keen to understand whether they may be entitled…
July 10, 2017/by admin
mole shave story 2

Step by Step Mole Removal Photos

June 19, 2017/by admin