The London Mole Removal Centre has released a series of photos illustrating the mole removal process. 

The series of photos show exactly what happens in mole removal with the finished result revealing clear skin and no visible scarring.

1Normal moles on the cheek

mole shave story 1

2Moles marked with ink and anaesthetic given

mole shave story 2

3Moles shaved off with Dermablade/radiolaser

mole shave story 3

4Result after procedure – no stitches or dressings

mole shave story 4

5Skin after healing – no visible scarring

mole shave story 5

6Clear skin with all trace of moles removed

mole shave story 6

The mole removal procedure was carried out by Dr Ross Perry.

Mole Removal and Skin Blemishes

The London Mole Removal Centre offers a range of treatments designed for dealing with unwanted moles, cysts, warts, skin tags and other skin blemishes.

All treatments are carried out by skilled and experienced doctors and surgeons.

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