Sun Exposure Warning for Skiers

skiing sun exposure

It’s half term next week and many families are looking forward to enjoying the best snow the Alps has seen in many years. Resorts are set to be busy and the winter olympics is adding extra excitement and inspiration too. 

But experts are warning skiers not to be complacent when it comes to sun exposure, as being outdoors all day at high altitudes means that the skin is at risk of sunburn and sun damage.

So the fact that it’s cold is no protection for your skin and it’s important to take measures to protect it against harmful UV radiation.

Why is Skiing a Skin Risk?

  • Higher altitude means more intense UV rays and therefore a greater risk of sun-induced skin damage
    • UV radiation exposure increases 4-5% with every 1,000 feet above sea level
    • At an altitude of 9,000 to 10,000 feet, UV radiation may be 35-45% more intense than at sea level
  • Snow reflects up to 80% of the UV light from the sun, intensifying the exposure and increasing the risk
  • Even on cloudy days, the sun’s rays can penetrate
  • Snow, wind, sweat and clothing rubbing can wear away sunscreen, so it doesn’t give as much protection as you’d think
  • You could be out in the sun all day, much longer than you’re used to for many people, so never underestimate the sun

Sun Protection Advice for Skiing

  • Use sunscreen with an SPF 30+
  • Apply 30 minutes before hitting the slopes to all exposed skin including ears, eyes, neck
  • Reapply every couple of hours – even for products that claim to last all day
  • Use a lip balm with sun protection of SPF15+
  • Carry a travel-sized sunscreen and lip balm to reapply
  • Wearing goggles, sunglasses, ski masks etc will give some protection and is a good idea, but don’t neglect to put sunscreen on as well
  • Look for sunglasses or goggles that offer 99%  UV protection or more to protect sensitive skin around your eyes. This is a common area for skin cancers and sun-induced aging
  • If you stop for a drink or snack in the sun and ‘peel off’ layers of clothing, apply sunscreen to any areas that you may have missed e.g. chest, hands
  • Avoid skiing when the sun is at its peak
  • Remember to help children as their skin is even more sensitive. Ensure they’re well protected for ski lessons and have extra sunscreen with them to top up as needed

Odd Moles?

If you spot any unusual moles or skin blemishes, do not hesitate to see a doctor to rule out skin cancer.  Those that pursue an active outdoor lifestyle need to be especially alert.

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