The Risks of Melanin Injections


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Glamour magazine investigated the idea of melanin injections for getting a tan with expert input from Dr Ross Perry. 

Dr Perry explained:

“‘Melanotan’ (a brand of melanin injections) is a synthetic hormone which is injected via a needle under the skin to stimulate the pigment cells in your body to produce more melanin, which in turn gives you a tan.”

However, while this may sound a quick-fix and sun-free way to get a tan, melanin injections are unlicensed in the UK and are technically ‘illegal’, as they have not been tested for safety, quality and effectiveness.

  • They have not been approved for human use and as such are completed unregulated
  • Never been tested by the UK medicines safety agency.
  • Quite often individuals are buying melanin injections online or under the counter at beauty salons and gyms which poses a major risk of the quality and safety of these products when acquired without having a trusted source.
  • The companies that used to make the original ‘melanotan’ ceased all production of these products in 2016 so anything that is available now is not the real  original product.

What’s more, there are concerns about the side effects of stimulating melanin production and the risks of cancerous changes. There are reports of some Melanotan users finding their moles became bigger and darker quite quickly – normally warning signs of ‘suspicious’ mole activity.

Glamour asked:

Is there such a thing as ‘safe’ melanin injections?

Dr Ross Perry replied with an emphatic ‘No’, saying:

“They haven’t been properly tested, are not regulated and the reports of damaging side effects are commonplace and so they should be avoided.”

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