Wart Removal From the Nose – Results Photos

Warts on the nose are traditionally (and somewhat unkindly) associated with witches and frogs, so if you have one in real life it is no laughing matter. 

Warts can be a stubborn and difficult problem to deal with. Once they’ve developed they tend to grow rather than quietly disappear; so having one in a prominent and visible place is always unwelcome.

Wart Removal Results

Before and After Photos

This before and after picture shows the results of wart removal treatment at Cosmedics’ London Mole Removal Centre.

nose wart removal

Key Facts About Warts

  • Caused by HPV (the Human Papilloma Virus), warts are an infection in the top layer of skin which causes rapid growth of cells on the outer layer of skin. This creates a lumpy grown – the wart.
  • The wart virus usually gets in through a tiny scratch or abrasion. It is highly contagious
  • There are over the counter preparations which may be effective in some cases, but if these fail, a stronger approach is required to get rid of the wart – i.e. a professional treatment.

Professional Treatment Options

The team at London Mole Removal Centre are highly trained and experienced in dealing with skin lesions including warts. They offer a range of solutions, depending on the nature of the problem:

  • Simple warts are frozen off in a procedure known as ‘cryotherapy’ which uses intense cold. Treatment may involve 2-3 sessions to ensure complete removal of the wart.
  • Large and very resistant warts can be treated either using laser or skin surgery.

Wart removal is surprisingly simple, painless and quick and effective with our methods and techniques.

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London Mole Removal Centre offer appointments at a choice of 5 private skin treatment centres based in London and Bristol. All consultations and treatments are carried out in person by doctors who are specially trained in the latest laser and skin surgery techniques and are highly experienced in the field. Most skin lesions can be removed at the same appointment as the consultation, but there is no obligation to proceed unless and until both the patient and doctor are completely happy to do so.

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