Why Surgery Is the Best Treatment for Cysts

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Sebaceous Cyst Removal

Cysts are very common lumps found under the skin. They are usually quite round in shape and are filled with fluid or sometimes a semi-solid material or even air – so you can often move a cyst around a little bit beneath the skin – somewhat like a pea.

Cysts don’t usually hurt and are not considered to be medically a concern. However, they can become infected or develop into boils or abscesses which are more serious. Even if that doesn’t happen, the appearance of the lump can be a concern for patients.

DIY Treatments for Cysts

DIY treatments for cysts are limited:

  • Patients may try holding a warm, damp flannel to the skin to encourage healing
  • Patients should never be tempted to lance or burst a cyst, as it can lead to infection

Surgical Removal

Sebaceous cysts can be quickly and effectively removed in a minor surgery procedure. This has advantages over other methods:

  • Effective way of removing a cyst
  • The doctor/surgeon will also try to completely remove the cyst sac (or wall), which should prevent the problem from developing again

Simply draining the cyst is far less effective as the cyst sac is left in place. This means that it can refill and grow again.

Surgery is the best way to ensure complete removal of the problem and minimise the risk of it recurring again.

Cyst Removal London & Bristol

The team at London Mole Removal Centre are highly trained and experienced in removal of unwanted cysts (and sebaceous cysts). Find out more in our Cyst Removal FAQ.

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