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Our London Mole Removal Centre offers mole checks & mole removal by LASER & SURGERY as well as
wart, skin tag, cysts and removal of any other skin lesions on the SAME DAY.

Same Day Service

Consultation and treatment on same day

UK Qualified

UK qualified doctors with specialist training

Professional and expert

Service includes full aftercare

  • Mole Checks

    Full history and examination of all your moles by a specialist doctor

  • Mole removal

    Moles on the face and body are removed by laser or surgical methods to obtain the best results

  • Cyst removal

    Cysts in the skin are commonly known as sebaceous cysts and can occur in all areas of the body. We use a revolutionary short scar technique to remove these cysts.

  • Skin Tag Removal

    Treatments at all our clinics for irritating skin tags by freezing, surgery or laser removal.

  • Wart removal

    Treatments at all our clinics for warts on fingers, face, and rest of body by freezing, surgery or laser removal.

What our Patients Say

“The London Mole Removal Centre was great.”

“Incredibly professional and the results are fantastic.”

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    Full body check by qualified skin doctor.

    We also check warts, cysts and skin tags.


    FROM £345

    using laser or surgical treatments.

    We also treat warts, cysts and skin tags.