the independent

Independent: Skin Cancer Expert Dr Ross Perry

The Independent looked at 6 common forms of cancer for women,…
February 24, 2020/by andrea
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Skin Checks – The New Year Resolution You Must Not Skip

2 weeks into January and it's time to check in on those New Year…
January 13, 2020/by andrea
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Why You Should Never Ignore an ‘Odd’ Blemish

The topography of your skin is always changing. Every now and…
November 25, 2019/by andrea
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Mole Removal – Will I Need Stitches?

Many patients are concerned about whether having a mole removed…
November 11, 2019/by andrea
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10 Common Places Warts Can Appear

Warts can appear anywhere on the face and body. They're annoyingly…
October 28, 2019/by andrea

Costs of Mole Removal Treatment

If you're thinking about having a mole removed, then the price…
October 21, 2019/by andrea
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Wart/Verruca Turned Out To Be Melanoma

Rachel Solvasen's has shared her story of what she thought was…
October 14, 2019/by andrea

The Sun: Expert Advice on Cutaneous Horns

Dr Ross Perry was asked by The Sun to provide his expert medical…
September 30, 2019/by andrea
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Dr Ross Perry Mole Expert Interview

Dazed Beauty interviewed mole removal expert, Dr Ross Perry,…
September 23, 2019/by andrea
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That’s Life: How To Detect A Worrying Mole

That's Life magazine's health page shared Dr Ross Perry's expert…
September 16, 2019/by andrea
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Why You Need Sunscreen On Cloudy Autumn Days

The experts often insist that you need sunscreen year round,…
September 9, 2019/by andrea

NetDoctor: Skin Tag Causes & Removal

NetDoctor's article on "Skin tag removal, causes and treatment…
September 2, 2019/by andrea