Cholesterol spots are yellowish fatty bumps or deposits that appear primarily around the eyes.

The medical term for cholesterol spots is xanthelasma and the problem appears most commonly in individuals who have high LDL (“bad”) cholesterol or low HDL (“good”) cholesterol, which is why they’re commonly referred to as cholesterol spots. However, it is not always due to cholesterol, sometimes the problem can be simply a blockage of the oil glands beneath the skin. 

Where Cholesterol Spots Appear

Xanthelasma are most often seen around the eyes or on the eyelids, where yellow pimples appear beneath the skin.

These look quite unpleasant, often appearing as crops of spots which merge into a cauliflower-like appearance, or growing into noticeable large spots.

Some patients find the spots are soft and pliable, whereas for others they can become quite hard and this causes irritation to normal eye movement and blinking.

Treating Xanthelasma

When it comes to treating cholesterol spots, the first approach will generally be to check diet. Ensuring a healthy and fresh diet which is not excessively fatty can be helpful in reducing xanthelasma by tackling raised cholesterol. A good diet can also stop cholesterol spots from recurring.

However, if diet is not the answer, then there are treatments which can relieve the discomfort and improve the appearance of the skin by treating cholesterol spots.

Cholesterol Spot Treatment

Cosmedics Skin Clinics’ doctors use careful skin treatment methods to remove cholesterol spots. Treatment is fast and pain-free and all doctors are UK trained and experienced in a wide range of skin lesion treatments.