Cherry Angioma are also known as Campbell de Morgan spots. These spots can appear anywhere on the body but are particularly common on the torso (chest).

They tend to be very bright in colour. They can be slightly raised but are sometimes flat and tend to be circular or else a semi-oval shape.

They are very noticeable due to the bright colour, which is due to a cluster of capillaries (small blood vessels) in the lesion. In most cases, they are nothing to worry about from a medical perspective. However, if there is any bleeding or changes in appearance, there is a possibility that it could be something more serious (i.e. skin cancer) rather than a Cherry Angioma. If there is any concern, see a doctor as soon as possible for a diagnosis.

Where Campbell de Morgan Spots Appear

These red spots are most often seen in and around:

  • Torso/chest/stomach
  • Arms/shoulders
  • Legs /thighs

Long Term Outlook

Unfortunately cherry angioma don’t go away of their own accord. In fact, once they’ve appeared, they are likely to get larger and more noticable. In addition, more tend to appear with age.

Cherry Angioma are a harmless (benign) tumour and fairly common in those over 30 years of age. They seem to increase in size and also in number with age. A study showed that 75% of over 75s had them.

Treating Cherry Angioma

Campbell de Morgan Spots are not considered to be a medical risk, but they can be removed for cosmetic reasons for patients who don’t like their appearance. This is especially the case if they are particularly numerous or in a very noticeable area.

Cosmedics Skin Clinics’ doctors use a range of skin treatment methods to remove troublesome skin lesions. Treatment is fast and pain-free and all doctors are UK trained and experienced in a wide range of skin lesion treatments. Options include:

  • Microcautery laser treatment – using a tiny handheld probe
  • Cryotherapy – freezing treatment using liquid nitrogen

As the blemishes are very small, healing is rapid.