Express: Winter Mistake Can Lead to Cancer

Dr Ross Perry, Media Health Expert

The Express’s feature on the importance of sun protection in winter featured a video of Dr Ross Perry explaining the signs and symptoms of melanoma to look for.

The headline read:

“‘I’m a doctor – this is a common mistake people make in winter that can lead to cancer'”

With expert input from Dr Paul Banwell, Founder and former Head of The Melanoma and Skin Cancer Unit (MASCU) in East Grinstead, the article explains:

  1. The skin is still at risk from skin cancer and damage by UV rays during the winter
  2. UVA rays remain constant throughout the year and can get through clouds and fog
  3. Wearing sunscreen is still necessary in the winter months
  4. Skin cancer is of the most common cancers in the UK
  5. Consistent sunscreen use all year round with high sun protection factor (SPF50) can help to protect the skin

The Express article reassures readers that there is a simple solution.

The good news is that consistent and thorough use of one product could protect you against the deadly condition.

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dr-ross-perryDr Ross Perry

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