Following removal of warts and skin tags, the aftercare advice will depend on which type of skin lesion removal method was done.

Cryotherapy (freezing) aftercare

The wound area often swells and goes scabby over 7-10 days then leaves a red mark that fades over the next few months. Simply apply a plaster or Vaseline as it heals in the first week or so.

Often a few sessions of treatment are required and we generally like to see patients again after 3-4 weeks according to what we have told you.

Laser surgery aftercare

The wound will be sore for a few days and you will either have a dressing over it or we will have asked you to apply Vaseline.  You will notice that all the warty area will have been removed.

The area will take 7-14 days to heal and leave a reddish mark for 2-3 months that fades with time. The treated areas can also be slightly lighter than the surrounding skin which again is normal and settles with time.

If you seen any signs of recurrence please return for a follow up as it is easier to retreat the warts than let them possibly reappear. We have over 80% success rate in removing the warts in one session but occasionally quick simple re-treatments ensure complete success.

Normal other activities are fine after 2-3 days.

For genital areas that are treated sexual intercourse can resume once the wound has healed.

Follow up treatment at home

Rarely for stubborn warts such as verruca on soles of feet, we may ask you to continue a home care regime to help minimize any chance of them returning. Firstly pare the wart down by removing all the dead skin and then applying OCCLUSAL (available from the chemist) and putting duct tape over the top. This needs to be done for 4-6 weeks until you are next reviewed.

Genital warts often don’t need any further treatment, but in rare instances where they are very resistant occasionally we prescribe some aldara cream for home use.