Information on mole, skin tag and wart removal

Moles, cysts and skin tags are extremely common on the face and other parts of the body. Most of the time they are harmless but any changing skin lesion must be assessed properly by a doctor. Removal of these moles or skin tags is generally very quick, easy and painless.

‘See and Treat’ Mole Removal – you can now have your mole examined and removed at the same consultation by a specialist doctor. Our patients greatly appreciate having everything done in less than an hour.

Benefits of Mole Removal

  • Minimal or no scarring
  • Great results and resume daily routine immediately
  • Increase self-confidence
  • To check for skin cancer

Do I need It?

At Cosmedics we only perform procedures which are in the best interest of the patient. Typical patients that see us are for unsightly / embarrassing moles on face & body or those that catch when shaving or on clothes. If you are concerned that it is changing or suspicious we can also remove it for testing.

Mole removal costs from £310

Our skin doctors will check your moles prior to any treatment to ensure the correct procedure is carried out. A choice of mole removal methods exists which are:

  • shave excision+/- laser, which is the commonest method, with no stitches, £310 for 1st mole, £160 for additional moles
  • elliptical excision, which requires stitches, from £450 for 1st mole, £200-250 for additional moles.

Histology/testing is carried out on the majority of moles removed as a safety precaution and for peace of mind. This is charged from £85.

Other Skin Lesions

As well as mole removal, we also offer treatment for other skin lesions, e.g.:

  • Wart removal – small/simple lesions from £195
  • Skin tags/large warts – from £310
  • Large or complicated skin tags (eg genital) from £450

Skin Tag Removal

Skin tag and removal is very simple, painless and quick. Skin tags normally occur around the neck, chest, underarms and groin. For simple small skin tags, they can easily be removed by freezing or laser and not leave any scars. A small blister is left after, which heals in a few days. Occasionally they need to be removed surgically with some local anaesthetic if they are very large ie shave excision.

Wart Removal

Warts are very common and normally occur on the fingers and hands as well as the feet. They can be very difficult to treat as they are resistant to creams from the chemist. Normal warts can just go but it can take up to 2-3 years for this to happen. Simple warts are frozen off with 2-3 treatments or if large and resistant would require surgery and laser removal.

Cyst Removal

Sebaceous cysts result are a bump resulting when a sebaceous gland becomes filled with pus or other material. They can be simply and quickly removed using surgical techniques. Find out more about cyst removal.