3-Step Cyst Removal Process Demonstration

cyst removal video

Minimal Scarring Technique

Dr Ross Perry, founder of Cosmedics Skin Clinics and the London Mole Removal Centre, demonstrates his 3-step process for sebaceous cyst removal. 

The treatment has been designed to give the best possible results in the long term. This means removing not only the cyst itself, but also all traces of the sebaceous cyst sac, in order to minimise the risk of the cyst developing again in the future. Removing the cyst sac is the best way to minimise the risk of it recurring again. It is far more effective than draining the cyst, which leaves the sac in place.

In addition, careful attention is paid to closing the wound so that it can heal quickly and well. Stitches are tiny and super-neat in order to close the edges of the wound together, as well as working towards a minimal scarring result after healing.

So while patients tend to focus on the immediate removal of the lumpy cyst, Dr Perry’s techniques also provide for the best results in the long term.

This cyst was removed from the patient’s back, where it had been an annoying and uncomfortable growth. The patient was delighted with the result.

Sebaceous Cysts

Cysts are very rounded lumps which form under the skin. They are filled with a substance which can be soft and fluid or harder and semi-solid. It is the presence of the fluid/filling which means that cysts can often be manipulated or moved around beneath the skin.

Cyst Removal London & Bristol

The team at London Mole Removal Centre are highly trained and experienced in removal of unwanted cysts (and sebaceous cysts). Find out more in our Cyst Removal FAQ.

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