Shave Excision Aftercare Summary

Mole removal is relatively simple and in most cases you can return to normal activities the same day. We normally advise the following aftercare:

  • If you have a dressing you will be told when it can be removed
  • Vaseline is normally then applied to keep the wound moist for 1 to 2 weeks until healed
  • The wound will be red for 2 to 3 weeks, which gradually settles over the next few months
  • Massaging with oils or moisturising/silicon (dermatix) creams is advisable after 2 to 3 weeks to help reduce any scarring
  • If there is any increasing pain or redness, consult your doctor

Shave Excision Aftercare Guide

The information below is an aftercare guide to shave excisions. For those with stitches (ellipse excisions please see later section)

After the procedure the area will remain numb for 2-3 hours.  After this the anaesthetic will wear off and the wound will feel like a graze. Simple paracetamol or ibuprofen for 1-2 days will minimize any discomfort.

Timeline /days What to expect at the wound What to do
1-3 Expect the area to be red and the edges slightly inflamed and raised. This normal as it is part of the healing process.

Any discomfort should be getting slowly better. If is getting significantly worse let us know.

Vaseline / dressing
3-10 The wound will have red edges with a yellow green center to it that is part of the normal healing process There should be little or no pain Vaseline / dressing
10-14 The wound will appear red while the last areas of healing will slowly close over Vaseline / dressing
14-28 The wound will be red but healing well and according to how well you heal, will start to fade and flatten out. Massage with biooil or silicon gels
1-3 months The area will start to fade from red color to pinkish.

If the wound is getting lumpy or raised this is unlikely to be the mole re-growing but possibly the wound over healing in which case contact us and we can review the area. Simply massage with Bio-oil and apply silicon gels (Dermatix or Kelocote), which often help minimize the scarring.

Massage with biooil or silicon gels. Sunblock if in the sun
3-9 months The scar tissue will start remodeling and fading to lighter skin color with less redness.

Occasionally some pigmentation / coloration can reappear and if this happens and is significant contact us and we can remove this coloration if it is of concern.

Sunblock if in the sun. Occasionally some brown color at the base of the wound can remain or reappear. If this is a concern please revisit us as this can easily be removed.

Can I wash as normal?

Yes you can but be careful to keep the area dry for the first 2-3 days and avoid soaking the area ie long baths or swimming for 7 days.

Can I take painkillers?

Yes simple paracetamol and ibuprofen are sufficient especially in the first 1-2 days. Thereafter any discomfort should decrease.

Can I do exercise?

Our advice is for smaller wounds it is best to leave for a 2-3 days but gentle walking etc is ok.  If it is an area that rubs against the wound leave for 7-10 days.

Should I expect any bleeding?

There maybe a small amount of oozing into the dressing but if it more than that pressure should be applied to the area with a tissue for 10-20 minutes until it has stopped. Should it continue or the area get painful please contact us.

Will I get any bruising?

Yes some bruising in the area is quite normal. This normally takes 7-14 days to settle and gentle massage and arnica cream can help speed up the recovery.

Elliptical Excision Aftercare Summary

  • Keep the wound dry for 2 days
  • Dressings can be left for up to a week
  • You will be informed as to whether your stitches are dissolvable or need to be removed
  • Over 1 to 2 weeks, in areas where the skin is under tension such as the back and legs, it is advisable to reduce exercises which would possibly stretch the wound
  • Steri-strips can be applied over the wound for up to 3 weeks to help the wound heal
  • After 3 weeks the wound can be massaged with oils or moisturising creams
  • If there is any increasing pain or redness consult your doctor as it could be a sign of infection

Ellipse Excision Aftercare Guide

Following an elliptical excision the anaesthetic will wear off after 2-3 hours.  It often feels a bit tight and sore for the first 1-3 days and simple paracetamol or ibuprofen should help.  Increasing pain is  a sign of possible infection in which case contact us.

A dressing will have been applied that stays and is kept as dry as possible for the first 3-4 days.  If it comes off reapply the steristrips and the dressing provided.  If you have stitches that need removing this is normally done at 7-14 days according to what the doctor has instructed.

It is best to steristrip or use micropore tape to support the wound for a further 3-4 weeks if possible to keep the scar as narrow as possible as the skin strength in the scar only regains about 50% of its full strength.

Timeline /days What to expect at the wound What to do
1-3 Feels tight, slight swollen, mild discomfort easing off Keep dressing on
3-7 Discomfort easing off and mild itch where dressing is Steristrips
7-14 Wound heals over and is red minor swelling and redness, small bruising Steristrips / micropore tape. Stitches removed if needed
14-28 Fully healed and red line Steristrips /micropore tape
1-3 months Reddness fading to pink Massage with biooil or silicon gels. Sunblock if in the sun
3-9 months Pink area fading to skin color or slightly lighter and any lumpiness flattening out. Sunblock if in the sun

What aftercare should I do to help reduce the scar?

Once the wound has healed which is typically around 2 weeks then scar therapy can start.

Our advice for the best scar reduction therapy is –

  • wounds on the body and limbs is to continue to support the wound with steri-strips or micropore tape for 2 months changing them every couple of days as they get worn. The reason for this that even though the wound has healed the wound is only at about 50% of its normal skin strength at this stage so in areas when the skin moves a lot the scar then stretches if it is not supported during these first few few months whilst it regains more strength. After that you can then start massage with biooil or vitamin e cream or silicon gels to help improve the redness of the scar.
  • Wounds on the face we would recommend the optimum regime is applying silicon gel (dermatix or Kelocote can get from the chemist or from us) morning and evening and once dried makeup can be applied over the top if needed. Also during the day gentle massage with moisturizing cream or bio-oil helps soften the scar as well. This can be done for up to 3 months.