Check your skin – it could save your life!

It is essential to check your skin regularly with the use of a mirror or ask your partner to keep an eye on the ones in difficult places such as your back.

Any concerns you should see a doctor as it is very difficult to judge normal and abnormal moles.

  • You should always be suspicious of a new mole and the darkest ones on your body.
  • A general rule is to look for the ‘Ugly Duckling Sign’ – any mole that looks different from other moles on the body.

Signs to look for suspected malignant melanoma

Major signs

  • If an existing mole gets larger or a new one is growing
  • If the mole has an irregular outline
  • If the colours are mixed shades of brown or black

Minor signs

  • If the mole is bigger than the blunt end of a pencil
  • If it is inflamed or has a reddish edge
  • If it is bleeding, oozing or crusting
  • If it starts to feel different: for example, itching or painful

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