Mole Removal

Patient case 1: Miss Lucy B. 22 years old, London, UK

Procedure – Mole removal from face / lip area by surgery and laser.

mole removal case study1

Reviews / Comments –

“I always wanted my mole removed as I felt people were constantly looking at it. Now it is gone I am delighted with the result.”

Patient case 2 – Miss Sara G. 28 years old, Surrey, UK

Procedure – Mole removal on chin by surgery and laser.

mole removal surgery chin

Reviews / Comments –

“I hated the mole on my face as I noticed people often stared at it. The procedure was quick and painless. I am very grateful to Cosmedics for their expert care.”

Patient case 3 – Mr Mark S. 35 years old, Greater London, UK

Procedure – Mole removal from eye area by laser surgery.

Reviews / Comments –

“Concerned about having it removed being so close to my eye. Amazed how quick and painless it was. Few minutes and it was all done. It healed so fast and now I can’t even see a scar.

“Delighted I chose Dr Perry and Cosmedics skin clinics as were so professional and even phoned me to say the mole was nothing to worry about after it was tested. If you want the best results I would highly recommend them.”

Patient case 4 – Mrs Remi A. 43 years old, Sevenoaks, UK

Procedure – Facial mole removal by surgery and electrocautery.

facial mole removal surgery

Reviews / Comments –

“I could never cover the mole on my face with make-up well enough and when I heard about this new technique for removing moles I was ready to try it despite my GP saying the scarring would be worse.

“The doctor was really the best at Cosmedics I could have wished for, very understanding and explained all the possible risks including keloid scarring. It was scary but when he showed me the result afterwards I knew I had made the right decision and now the small scar is far better than I could have wished for.”

Patient Story of Mole Removal

Miss M.B. had moles on the cheek removed. See the step by step process below. Click on a image to enlarge and scroll through.

Reviews / Comments –

“I was always conscious of people staring at my moles in conversations and make-up did not really cover them. Dr Ross Perry mentioned it would be possible to remove them without any stitches and minimal scarring. I knew cosmetic mole removal was an area he specialised in and was comfortable to go ahead.

“The procedure was all over in about 15 minutes and completely painless. I only wish I had known it was this easy as I would have done it ages ago. There is hardly a mark there now and I am so pleased.”

Bill’s story

Elliptical Excision Before and After Photos for Abnormal Mole

elliptical excision mole removal

Reviews / Comments –

“I had a mole that just began getting darker and bigger over 6 months. It was on the side of my cheek so it was difficult to see it changing until it was the size of 20 pence piece.”

“The mole was abnormal and I am just grateful it has been removed so quickly by Cosmedics with such a good cosmetic outcome.”

Laser mole removal

Laser mole removal techniques can also be used for large facial moles. This case study shows immediate improvement.

laser mole removal lip before and after

Black mole removal

Moles that are an intense or unusual colour can be especially worrying. This patient had a noticeable deep black mole on his nose. The mole was quickly and safely removed leaving minimal scarring. As always, the mole was also sent away for testing in order to rule out any potential concerns about skin cancer.

black nose mole removal

Cyst Removal

Scalp cyst removed

Procedure – a sebaceous cyst from the scalp was removed using pain-free methods and minimal scarring techniques for optimum result

Scalp cyst removal results

Skin Tag Removal

Eyelid Skin Tags

Skin tags on and around the delicate eye area can be very annoying. Our doctors and surgeons have the knowledge and skill to remove them painlessly for permanent results.

before and after skin tags