Express: Age Spots vs Skin Cancer Warning


Dr Ross Perry, Media Health Expert

The Express asked Dr Ross Perry to provide his expert advice on how melanoma may be mistakenly identified as age spots, raising health risks for those unaware of the real problem.

While age spots are a benign/harmless cosmetic issue relating to pigmentation, melanoma is much more serious. It is a type of skin cancer. If not caught early enough, it can spread to other areas and can even be fatal.

The Express article was entitled:

“How to spot the difference between age spots and skin cancer – expert on warning signs”

Dr Ross Perry told The Express:

“Age spots and skin cancer can have similarities and if you’re worried, it’s best to get it checked out.”

Age spots vs melanoma – key differences

  • Age spots usually appear as small, flat, brown or black patches
  • Age spots usually appear on areas that get higher levels of sun exposure e.g. face, hands, shoulders and arms.
  • Age spots are usually uniform in colour and have well-defined edges
  • Age spots may increase in number and become slightly darker, but they typically remain unchanged
  • Age spots are usually fat and smooth, while skin cancer can be rough or bumpy
  • Age spots do not cause discomfort, itching or other sensations

Dr Perry told The Express:

“Skin cancer will often have a jagged border and is more than one colour, whereas an age spot should look more like a freckle.”

“Melanoma can grow very quickly and can be life-threatening in as little as six weeks.

“You can get a new mole at any time, or a change to an existing mole, which is when you do need to get it checked out.”

Ross concluded:

“If you find a lesion on your body, it’s best to visit your GP or dermatologist immediately. They will be able to identify whether there is cause for concern.”

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