FDA Issues Mole/Skin Tag Remover Product Warning

mole skin tag removerThe USA-based FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has issued a warning to consumers and manufacturers about skin tag and mole removal products.

They’ve warned consumers NOT to purchase skin tag and mole removal products online (e.g. topical creams or solutions claiming to get rid of moles and skin tags).

In addition, the FDA has also sent warning letters to 3 companies (including Amazon.com) for selling items which had not been evaluated and approved for safety, effectiveness or quality. Without the necessary approvals, such products are in breech of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

The companies were given 15 days to respond to the FDA’s letter regarding the following products:

  • Ariella Naturals
    • Ariella Skin Tag Remover & Mole Corrector and Repair Lotion Set
    • Ariella Skin Tag Remover and Mole Remover
  • Amazon.com
    • Deisana Skin Tag Remover, Mole Remover and Repair Gel Set (since removed)
    • Skincell Mole Skin Tag Corrector Serum (since removed)
  • Justified Laboratories
    • Skincell Advanced Mole Skin Tag Corrector Serum (since removed)
    • Skincell Mole Skin Tag Corrector Serum (since removed)

No Products FDA approved for moles or skin tags

While some of the products cited have since been removed, there are other mole and skin tag removal products still available on the open market which have not been approved by the FDA and were not mentioned in its letter.

It is important to notice that at the present time, there are no prescription or over-the-counter drugs approved by FDA for treating moles, seborrheic keratoses or skin tags.

Unapproved products may have high concentrations of potentially dangerous substances, even if they claim to be natural or organic. What’s more, they may not completely remove a skin lesion, and if they do, they may leave visible and permanent damage to the surrounding skin, such as scarring or discoloration,. This could end up looking worse than the lesion did. In addition, it may make it more difficult for a medical professional to assess and diagnose the mole or skin tag properly.

In a public statement, the FDA said that use of such products could cause injuries and scarring that may “jeopardize consumers’ health when used without consulting a health care professional”.

Mole/skin tag removal advice

The FDA recommends that moles be evaluated by a health care provider. This is very important because self-diagnosis and DIY treatment solutions may lead to a delayed cancer diagnosis and treatment. I

The FDA said that anyone with a mole or skin tag that is growing, changing, bleeding or painful should seek medical attention and not treat it themselves. These are recognised warning signs that something is not right and it’s best to see a professional for diagnosis and treatment as necessary.

A message from the FDA to consumers stressed the importance of getting cancerous lesions removed fully and as early as possible:

“If a skin cancer is not fully removed, it may continue to grow and possibly spread to other parts of your body.

“Dermatologists and other skin specialists are trained to identify suspicious lesions, examine them and help patients decide the best treatment.”

UK Mole & Skin Tag Removal Centre

The London Mole Removal clinic offers a range of services for skin blemishes and lesions, including screening checks, removal of unwanted or worrying moles/warts/cysts/skin tags and also full testing  of the removed item where required.

GP Dr Ross Perry MBBS explains:

“Our team of doctors are able to provide same-day treatments for moleswartsskin tags and cysts.”

Consultant Surgeon Mr Michail Malandrakis FEBOPHTH L7CERT(AESTH) continues:

Mole removal is one of the most popular procedures we perform here.

“A typical mole removal takes about 15 to 30 minutes. There’s minimal scarring.”

‘See & Treat’ Same Day

The clinics’ unique ‘See & Treat’ approach is designed to allow sufficient time for patients to go ahead and have their mole removed in the same appointment as the consultation if they wish. This is a popular service as it is both convenient and efficient. In many cases it means that there is no need to return to the clinic at all, unless there are stitches or an aftercare review (which can be the case for larger or more complex lesions).

Dr Perry says:

“We’re able to use a wide variety of treatment options depending on the condition that you’ve come in with; whether it be a mole or a wart or a skin tag.”

“These are all generally carried out under local anaesthetic to ensure that the area that we’re treating is numb and that you don’t feel any discomfort during the procedure.”

Private Mole Checks & Removal

The London Mole Removal Centre is a private company, offering private mole checks and mole removal treatment for unwanted moles. The experienced doctors and surgeons also offer removal treatment for a range of other skin lesions (e.g. cysts, skin tags, warts, verruca, lipoma, xanthelasma).

All consultations and treatments are carried out in person by doctors who are specially trained in the latest laser and skin surgery techniques and are highly experienced in the field.

Further advantages of private treatment at the London Mole Removal Centre include:

  • No waiting lists
  • Fully trained doctors, registered with GMC
  • Moles can often be removed in the same appointment as the consultation, saving the need for a repeat visit and allowing patients to get their skin lesions removed very quickly
  • Choice of 4 clinics in London and also Bristol
  • Removed moles tested with report provided

For more information or to book a consultation, please complete the form on this web page or call 020 7731 3791.