A papilloma is a wart like growth on the skin, which is usually caused by HPV – Human Papillomavirus

A papilloma is a benign growth, which means that it is medically not of concern. However, for patients, the appearance can be quite disturbing. Papilloma tend to have a cauliflower-like knobbly appearance and can be quite sizeable, from 1cm to 5cm.

Papilloma may disappear of their own accord without treatment, but some unlucky patients have them for 10 years or more.

As they are not deemed to be harmful from a medical perspective, the NHS rarely fund treatment in the UK.

Our London Mole Removal clinics offer safe removal with expert doctors. Treatment can be offered same day and is entirely pain-free as our team use local anaesthetic where required.

Before & After Papilloma Removal

papilloma removal results

Treating Papilloma

Our doctors and surgeons can adapt treatments according to the nature of the papilloma. Options include:

  • Curettage – effectively ‘scraping’ the lesion away under local anaesthetic, before using cautery to stop the bleeding for fast healing and a neat result
  • Laser treatment
  • Surgical excision – using a scalpel to completely remove the blemish and its roots. Usually requires stitches. This is for deep and large papilloma

These treatment options are available at Cosmedics Skin Clinics, where all treatments are carried out by skilled and experienced doctors. They can use local anaesthetic where required to keep the procedure pain-free. They will also know how to minimise the risk of long-term skin damage or scarring.