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Facial Mole Removal Demo & Results Video

A new video from Cosmedics Skin Clinics founder Dr Ross Perry shows just how straightforward mole removal is, even on large, raised and hairy facial moles. The short video shows removal of a very prominent mole from the upper lip. Firstly, local anaesthetic was administered to make the procedure completely pain-free. Then Dr Perry used […]

What causes milia and how to remove them

Millia are commonly occurring facial skin bumps but often the term is incorrectly used for other skin conditions. It’s vital to correctly diagnose milia before trying to treat them.  The characteristic appearance of milia includes: Small spots or bumps White or yellowish colour Pearly appearance Most often around the eyes and cheeks Not itchy or […]

What To Expect After Mole Removal

If you’re considering having a mole removed, then you’re right to be contemplating what the healing process and aftercare entails and whether you need to rethink any of your normal activities.   The good news is, mole removal is relatively simple and most of our patients are able to return to normal activities the same day. […]

Do You Underestimate Skin Cancer Risk?

Despite years of campaigns to raise awareness of the dangers of skin cancer, it seems that too many people still underestimate the risks. A study in Queensland Australia found that 1 in 4 people did not take full account of the risks of developing melanomas. What’s more, it was those who were at the highest […]

Expert Advice on Kids/Babies Sunscreen in Popsugar

Popsugar UK delivers its summer roundup of the best ways to protect young skin from the sun’s harmful rays in: “The Best Sunscreens For Kids and Babies, According to Dermatologists” As the article explains, sunscreen is essential for children, as their skin is more sensitive. Even though summer holidays may be looking uncertain, the time […]

Coronavirus COVID19 – Temporary Closure

Due to the COVID outbreak and in line with the governmental guidelines, Cosmedics Skin Clinics are now closed temporarily for face to face treatments and consultations. However, our call centre remains open and is operating within safe guidelines for staff. Worried about a skin lesion? Any clients who are concerned about worrying skin lesions or […]

Coronavirus COVID19 – We Are Open

Coronavirus COVID19 Information The London Mole Removal Centre and Cosmedics Skin Clinics remain fully open at this point in time. As a doctor-led company, we are doing all we can to keep staff and clients safe with high standards of hygiene in clinic. Antibacterial handwash/gels are widely available to clients and staff to use on a […]

Independent: Skin Cancer Expert Dr Ross Perry

The Independent looked at 6 common forms of cancer for women, with advice from leading experts in the field. Dr Ross Perry, Founder and Medical Director of the London Mole Removal Centre led on skin cancer.  The article was published on World Cancer Day to raise awareness of the disease which is a leading cause […]