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i News: Regular Mole Checks Picked Up Carcinomas

i News’s feature on the alarming rates of male deaths from skin cancer featured 80 year old Mick Goss, whose regular mole checks with Dr Ross Perry had picked up a series of carcinoma which have now been removed. Mick explained how he had grown up in an era where sunblock was not really understood […]

Men’s Health: Melanoma Skin Cancer Early Signs

with Dr Ross Perry Founder London Mole Removal Centre & Cosmedics Skin Clinics Men’s Health looked at the early signs of skin cancer melanoma, after new research showed that 89% of men never wear sun cream in the UK and 10% never wear it at all.  Not wearing sunscreen exposes the skin to the full force […]

Xanthelasma and Health Concerns

Cholesterol Spots Xanthelasma is the medical term for cholesterol spots – the yellow coloured bumpy and uneven spots that can appear on or around the eyelids.  The phrase ‘cholesterol’ may cause some alarm and many patients worry as to whether cholesterol spots are a sign of cholesterol problems. Should I worry about cholesterol? Xanthelasma are […]

Lots of Moles Increases Risk of Melanoma

The number of moles you have on your skin might mean a higher risk of melanoma, so if you have lots of moles, it is worth understanding how that may link to potential skin cancer.  Having ‘lots of moles’ is defined as having more than 50 small moles (under 5mm diameter) OR 5 or more large […]

NICE Guidelines on Skin Cancer

If you have concern about skin cancer, then you may find links to the NICE Guidelines helpful to find out what guidance is provided for doctors working in the NHS as well as the general public.  NICE stands for The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. It is the body responsible for providing guidance, […]

What Causes Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

Sebaceous hyperplasia appear as small yellow bumps on the skin which most commonly seen on the forehead. They are up to 3mm in diameter and have a distinctive whitish rim. The bumps are harmless, but unsightly, so many patients are keen to find an effective treatment. However, before contemplating any treatment, it is always helpful […]

Wart Removal From the Nose – Results Photos

Warts on the nose are traditionally (and somewhat unkindly) associated with witches and frogs, so if you have one in real life it is no laughing matter.  Warts can be a stubborn and difficult problem to deal with. Once they’ve developed they tend to grow rather than quietly disappear; so having one in a prominent […]

Sunday People: ‘Spot the Signs of Killer Moles’

‘Healthy You’ The Sunday People yesterday looked at how to spot ‘killer moles’, with expert advice from Dr Ross Perry.  Summer may be over, but the article is a timely reminder not to neglect important skin and mole checks. Although most are harmless, some may develop into malignant melanoma, a form of skin cancer. That’s […]

Hello: Track Your Moles to Spot Danger Signs

with Dr Ross Perry Founder London Mole Removal Centre & Cosmedics Skin Clinics HELLO! Magazine investigated the importance of regularly checking moles in order to identify any worrying changes.  As the feature says: “We hear a lot about the importance of regular breast and prostate checks. We visit the doctor for smear tests and are called […]

Yours Magazine: ‘Soak Up the Sun’

Yours magazine looked at the health benefits of the sun, with expert advice from Dr Ross Perry.  One of the principle benefits of sitting in the sun is that it simply makes you feel good. Ross says: “Sunlight increases your serotonin levels which in turn may make you happier. Serotonin is your body’s natural happy hormone, […]