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London 2018 featured Cosmedics Skin Clinics and the London Mole Removal Centre in its run down of the most innovative health, fitness and wellbeing treatments in London, highlighting the company’s specialisation in ‘all things skin related with the latest innovation’.

The article outlined the rising incidence of melanoma skin cancer in the UK, saying:

“For the first time, more than 10,000 people over the age of 55 are being diagnosed with malignant melanoma each year.

“Dr Ross Perry, who works in NHS skin cancer reconstruction, said over 55’s are at the most risk because they were born in an era where they didn’t know the risks.”

Dr Perry has previously linked this to historical sun damage after the rise of cheaper travel made foreign holidays more affordable and accessible to many more travellers. The risks of sun exposure were not as well understood in the past as they are today and some of the melanomas being diagnosed relate to sun damage from many years ago.

The Forbes article explains the importance of mole checking to identify any worrying blemishes:

“The doc recommends regular self-checking for any mole which is ‘suspicious’. A suspicious mole is simply one which is different to the others in appearance (size, shape, colour, symmetry) or that it is changing quickly.”

Cosmedics Skin Clinics offers doctor consultations for specific moles and can arrange removal for any causing concern – even if that concern is just cosmetic. The company also offers a full body mole check for patients who are keen to get a thorough review of their skin. The article on explains further:

“…if you’re uncertain what you’re looking for, he [Dr Ross Perry] leads a skin clinic called Cosmedics, which has a team of skin treatment doctors and surgeons in their 5 skin clinics across London and Bristol. The clinic has a mole check service, where they use the latest innovations to examine your body from head to toe, and check for any suspicious-looking moles, in other words, those that look like they could one day turn cancerous.

“The company has removed literally thousands of moles and also offers a full range of skin-related cosmetic treatments and medical treatments including mole removal, thread vein treatment, and excessive sweating injections.”

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Private Mole Checks & Removal

The London Mole Removal Centre is a private company, offering mole checks and treatment for unwanted moles and other skin lesions (e.g. cysts, skin tags, warts, verruca, lipoma, xanthelasma). All consultations and treatments are carried out in person by doctors who are specially trained in the latest laser and skin surgery techniques and are highly experienced in the field.

Further advantages of private treatment at the London Mole Removal Centre include:

  • No waiting lists
  • Moles can often be removed in the same appointment as the consultation
  • Choice of clinics in London and also Bristol
  • Removed moles tested with report provided

For more information or to book a consultation, please complete the form on this web page or call 020 7731 3791.