France Could Ban Tanning Beds

tanning bed

France’s health watchdog Anses as recommended that tanning beds be banned due to the proven risk of cancer from sunlamps and sunbeds.

France has already banned sunbeds for under 18s and and could now join Brazil and Australia in implementing a full ban.

The watchdog says that sunbeds are linked to 43% of melanoma cases among young adults.

Olivier Merckel of Anses says:

“Waiting is no longer an option.”

The risk of developing melanoma for people who used sunbeds under age 35 is known to be 59% higher than those who did not use artificial UV.

While the safety benefits of banning sunbeds are clear, there are concerns that it could impact on an economy employing over 20,000 workers and worth £200m a year.

However, it remains to be seen whether France proceeds to ban use of sunbeds in all adults.

Sunbed Bans UK vs Worldwide

Brazil implemented a complete ban on sunbeds in 2009, although they can be prescribed for health reasons.

Australia implemented a sunbed ban in 2013, when their rates of malignant melanoma were 10 times those of European women and 20 times for men.

In the UK, sunbeds are illegal for under 18s, but may be used by adults over 18.

The same situation still applies in France.

Skin Cancer Protection and Detection

For patients who have used sunbeds or been exposed to UV light (e.g. working outside, being raised in a hot country, having foreign holidays) it is especially important to be vigilant for changing moles and odd skin lesions. UV exposure is known to be potentially carcinogenic and issues can appear years after the original sun damage.

Melanomas caught at the earliest stage can be treated very easily with mole removal surgery. Early treatment has excellent outcomes, but as melanoma progresses and spreads, the chances of a positive outcome decline. Therefore spotting any issues as soon as possible is the best strategy for avoiding skin cancer.

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