Histology – the Importance of Mole Testing

histology mole testing

At Cosmedics’ London and Bristol Mole Removal Centres, it is policy to send all mole specimens deemed appropriate for histology or mole testing after removal. 

This policy is based on patient safety and good clinical practice. Usually the results are clear, providing ultimate peace of mind for all concerned if the results. However, where there are any abnormalities, it is obviously valuable information which can start the process for further referrals/treatment as appropriate.

What Does Histology/Testing Involve?

Histology is carried out externally by a specialist provider. We send the removed mole to a laboratory where it is examined thoroughly in order to ensure all the layers of the skin are normal.

Very occasionally even moles that look fine after removal can be found to have abnormalities lower down. That is why our doctors and surgeons normally send moles for testing.

This microscopic histopathology testing is the only 100% guarantee the mole is normal.

Is it Optional?

The histology / testing of the mole is not an optional extra. The doctor will assess the mole and if they deem that it needs testing, they will confirm costs relating to both its removal and histology. This happens in the vast majority of cases as it is ‘best practice’ for safety.

Costs of Mole Testing

Testing all moles is simply good medical practice, so mole testing costs are kept to a minimum, passing on lab fees to the patient.

Fees for mole testing are:

  • £85 for the first mole
  • £20 each for every additional mole

Therefore histology costs for removing 3 moles are £85 + £20 + £20 = £125.

This is not a profit-making add-on, but an essential part of having mole removal treatment, even where moles are considered to be probably just cosmetic issues.

Private Mole Checks & Removal

The London Mole Removal Centre is a private company, offering mole checks and treatment for unwanted moles and other skin lesions (e.g. cysts, skin tags, warts, verruca, lipoma, xanthelasma) at 5 mole removal clinics.

All consultations and treatments are carried out in person by doctors who are specially trained in the latest laser and skin surgery techniques and are highly experienced in the field.

Further advantages of private treatment at the London Mole Removal Centre include:

  • No waiting lists
  • Moles can often be removed in the same appointment as the consultation
  • Choice of clinics in London and also Bristol
  • Removed moles tested with report provided

For more information or to book a consultation, please complete the form on this web page or call 020 7731 3791.